Studio portrait of a belgian shepherd malinois dog sitting and holding a yellow leash in m


Kennel Hand


I’m Bones.  

Yep, Bones is my name and it is not just for my namesake that I am the most popular of all staff amongst the dogs.

I am the live in kennel hand, expert poo scooper, pro butt scratcher, king cuddler and dinner boy to all the dogs here at Canine Culture. 

I oversee the feeding, exercise, and enrichment of our boarding dogs. 

During Daycare days I tend to the daily cleaning and sanitisation of the facility.

Weekends are spent with our boarding dogs, lazing in sunbeams, throwing balls, playing tug and chase games, taking walks on our beautiful property and thinking up new and interesting ways to brighten your dogs day while they stay with us.


This is my dog Frankie. She is a 4 year old Belgian Malinois.  Between her and my Mum (who is Head Trainer here at Canine Culture) I’ve been lucky to have learned a lot about training and behaviour but Frankie has definitely, above all else, honed my skills as a Dog Cuddler to an expert level.