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Studio portrait of a belgian shepherd malinois dog sitting and holding a yellow leash in m




My love of working with dogs began in childhood.  

I was blessed to be raised by dog people, my very first shaky steps as a toddler were steadied by our family’s sweet golden retriever mix named Gidget. 


My dog family, throughout my life, have continued to both fuel and support my passion for learning all about dogs and their behaviour. 


Dog walking as a young solo Mum of two gorgeous kids, not only helped me make ends meet but also helped me fund the endless courses, workshops and seminars from some of the most talented dog trainers in our industry.

Over the years I developed my skills via running small social groups, utilising social groups to facilitate behaviour shifts for dogs struggling with challenging behaviours, along with physical and emotional rehabilitation for rescue dogs.

As my parenting duties permitted I began to offer support to pet dog folk to create mutually rewarding relationships with their dog kin.


When my beautiful daughter Maddison, became palliative, I needed something to ground me and give me a future that I could commit to.

This is where my beloved, Frankie, my Belgian Malinois came into my life. 

Not only did she stay by me during the long days, weeks and months at my daughter's bedside, but after Maddison peacefully passed away in December 2018, Frankie helped me back to my feet just as my very first dog Gidget did all those years ago.


With Frankie I have continued to delve deeper into teaching advanced, complex precision behaviours using some of the most innovative techniques developed by sport and working dog trainers across the world.  

This exponentially expands the tools and methods I have in my skillset to offer all dogs. 


My role at Canine Culture involves daycare and boarding operations management, staff coaching and development, behavioral consultation, alongside professional mentoring for trainers wishing to learn more about canine body language and safe management of group dynamics.


I’m deeply grateful to my dear friend and colleague Luci for inviting me into the Canine Culture fold and giving me this opportunity to work with all of your divine dogs.

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