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From humble beginnings, Canine Culture has developed into a small team and facility that appreciates the complexity of canine wellbeing and behaviour. 

The Canine Culture team focuses on understanding that each and every canine we care for is an individual and should be evaluated and cared for as such. 

When your dogs are in our care, we get to know them – like, really get to know them! 

As a very small team of skilled professionals that only take a limited number of dogs at any time, this allows us the opportunity to know what they like the most, what they don’t, what their strengths are, what they need extra support with… and everything in-between.

Being able to get  to know your dogs so well allows us to support your dog in our environment in a safe and compassionate way to bring their best selves out.


Canine Culture Day School is a unique service run by behaviour specialists to provide dogs with a program far beyond the traditional doggy day care environment.


Canine Culture Boarding is an all-inclusive service with a focus on the individual dog. At Canine Culture we take pride in our reputation of well managed and safe care of all canines within our care. Not all dogs have the same management needs to keep themselves and others safe and to be provided a stay that focuses on the behavioural benefits as well as all that other fun stuff too!

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