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Hi there, my name is Lucienne, but everyone calls me Luci, and I’m the founder of Canine Culture Australia. In many ways ive come from the usual back story - I’ve always had a natural connection with animals... blah blah blah.
From a young age I was surrounded by all sorts of pets and was completely obsessed, but my deep connection with dogs has played the most significant role in my life.

Knowing this was my passion I ended up stepping straight out of school and into the animal industry within a position in a vet clinic - a natural progression for me. During this time, I started to explore my interest in dog behaviour and training further and it was not long before I realised this is where my true passion lay. I was no longer just a dog lover - total dog nerd here we come!


I was so lucky to be able to get a position as a dog handler with an amazing local Canberra business. Not only could I be covered in dog hair, slob and constantly smelling of dog and their treats but I was given many great opportunities and invaluable experience. My personal and professional growth during my many years as a part of that team was quite significant before I stepped away (only slightly!) to start a new adventure for a little while.


Making the decision to start, grow and develop Canine Culture came after quite a dramatic event in my life.
In 2017 I had my beautiful son Archer, who was the happiest little boy you probably could have ever known. During my time with Archer my three dogs Meeko, Zephyr & Nova were there as my support crew as they always are during changes as I’ve transitioned from one chapter of my life to the next. Always deepening my respect and admiration for them.
n 2018, at only 16 months of age Archer passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Again, my dogs were there for me in ways unique to only them.


They dogs did, and have been playing a massive role in my healing.

Archer taught me so much about life, and he still continues to teach me every day about living a life of purpose. Life is short, but it gives us plenty of time to do all that we want to do. To give meaning to our life, we can follow direction to goodness and follow our passions. One of my biggest passions is working with our canines and the relationships that we share with them. I believe our relationships, including those with our dogs have something to teach us about ourselves more than anything. 

The start up of Canine Culture allowed me to put my energy into something that I was passionate about and to continue to embrace the relationships I share with dogs.

This value will always be at the heart of Canine Culture and the dogs and owners we are in service to. 

Founder of Canine Culture Australia



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