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What is Canine Culture Day School?


Canine Culture Day School is a unique service run by certified dog trainers, expert handlers and behaviour specialists. Our goal when developing our day care was to provide dogs with a service far beyond the traditional doggy day care environment.

Canine Culture's Structured Day School program has been designed as a full-service day package. Our aim is to allow your dog to achieve wellness, balance and good behaviour by being provided with a routine to meet their physical, mental and instinctual needs.


We ensure that your dog has the right mix of energy outlets through varied activities, training sessions, positive socialisation experiences, mental enrichment games and for some dogs structured relaxation breaks may be included - all whilst being under care and supervision of a highly educated team.

Who is our Canine Culture Day School for?


  • Owners who are after a premium service where their dog will get individualised treatment and productive stimulation throughout the day instead of the traditional doggy day care facilities and environments.


  • Owners who want their dog to be in the care of highly skilled staff during the day - who have an absolute focus on the behavioural management of dog social groups and will also be helping influence and promote desirable behaviour patterns in the dog. We ensure every dog in the facility is receiving the care and attention they need to ensure they are developing socially, having fun and are safe during their stay with us before returning home to you in the afternoon enriched and content.


  • Owners who want their dogs to be involved in training practices that encompass motivational dog training with a strong focus on positive reinforcement within a controlled and well structured environment. 

  • Owners who understand that our Day School program is frequently reviewed and activities may be changed/modified to ensure that their dog is getting the most out of their visits. We set high standards for our programs and our experienced team may provide owners with updates relating to the dog’s behaviour whilst in our care and if we think there is benefit in making modifications.


Is my dog suitable for Canine Culture Day School?


Our Day School is suitable for both high and low energy dogs as well as older dogs and young puppies. Our educated team love nothing more than building confidence in shy dogs, challenging high energy dogs with a range of activities, creating positive first experiences for a young puppy or catering for those dogs that prefer a low key day, relaxing with like minded mates and enjoying each others company. 

Our team complete a behavioural assessment on all new dogs joining Day School. If a dog isn’t currently suitable for Day School, we may be able to offer various other training and socialisation options which may facilitate getting your dog into Day School in the future (please note that being or becoming a “daycare appropriate dog” is not always the case depending on the severity of a behavioural issue).

We have a great deal of success in developing dogs and improving social behaviour but sometimes for the well-being of your dogs and the harmony of the Day School group we may deem Day School to be unsuitable to your dog. This may be apparent on their trial day, or may become apparent after some time after they have become more settled.


There are wide variations in how a dog expresses their social nature, or, in some cases, not.

Just as there are many ways we as humans can enjoy social behaviour. So it is with dogs. Some like chase games, or rough and tumble play. Some like to quietly explore side by side with their friends. Others like to watch others play from a shaded spot, or prefer to stay close to their human friends when in the yard.


There are many dogs who do not enjoy groups of dogs just like people who don’t enjoy crowds- this perfectly normal and healthy also. Even with the help of our trainers and the skills we teach a dog may not find Day School enjoyable and in fact it may be stressful and could make some behaviours worse. 

How Do I Book?

Canine Culture Day School is currently at capacity, however places may become available as existing clients transition out of our service. To sign up for our waiting list, please complete our Day School Application Form and our friendly admin team will be in touch. 

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